Custom Production Music

Sometimes the right song doesn’t exist yet

Custom Production Music
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Production Music On Demand

Our elite collection of music producers have the expertise to cover nearly any genre. We'll work with you to define exactly what your project needs and match you with the right composer for the job, going back and forth until the track is perfect.

Custom Production Music
for all your projects

Custom Production Music
for Advertising

Memories formed with a relevant resonant musical component are stored as emotional memories. This means that ads with memorable music are more likely to be acted upon.

Custom Production Music
for Film

Incredible action scenes, sharp dialogue and beautiful cinematography deserve a great soundtrack. But finding the perfect track means finding the right musical partner. Lucky for you, you just found us.

Custom Production Music
for Television

Music is visceral. It hits us like no other human language can. Be it subtle or thunderous, tear jerking or heart wrenching, music transforms our perception of television each and every moment we're watching.

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The quality and depth of our roster allows us to turn around work in as little as 48 hours. You've invested so much into your project so far. Let us write the music that will make it unforgettable.

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